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Scaffolding for Sola panel installation!

Updated: Apr 2

Solar Panel Installations at Enfield HospitalProject Overview:

The scaffolding provided for solar panel installations at Enfield Hospital is designed to facilitate the safe and efficient installation of solar panels on the hospital's rooftop. This project aims to harness renewable energy sources to reduce the hospital's carbon footprint and promote sustainability.Scaffold Type: The scaffold structure for this project is a modular steel tube and fitting system, commonly referred to as a "tube and clamp" scaffold following TG20 regularisation. This versatile system provides excellent stability and adaptability to suit the unique requirements of the solar panel installation. The scaffolding was strategically positioned to provide safe access to the entire solar panel installation area. Safety Features: Guardrails: A perimeter handrail system will be installed to prevent falls from the scaffolding. Access Ladder: A secure access ladder will be incorporated into the scaffold structure to facilitate safe entry and exit for workers. Fall Arrest Systems: All workers will be equipped with appropriate fall arrest systems and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety while working at heights. Loading bay Capacity: The scaffold structure will be designed and load-tested to accommodate the weight of both workers and solar panel components, ensuring that it meets or exceeds safety standards. Accessibility: The scaffold will provide easy access to different areas of the rooftop, allowing workers to efficiently install the solar panels while minimizing disruptions to the hospital's daily operations. Weekly scaffolding checks was made, to make sure all fixtures and fittings was still safe and in place.

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