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External painting & decorating residential property!

Updated: Apr 30

May we bring our scaffolding service to your home external painting improvements.

Why when hiring an painting and decorating service should require scaffolding is for many reasonable reasons.

Painting and maintaining your property is a great way to keep the value of going up and not down. Researchers have actually revealed that a home painted in a colour can increase the value of a property!

A decent painting company won't cut corners or do a terrible job. The will hire or ask the home owner to have scaffolding erected fir the task of painting the property.

Hiring scaffolding will allow access on all levels safely and reduce the time that the painting would take to complete. This will also mean nit missing particularly tricky places and having an unsightly looking paint job once completed.

Contractors will have a set amount of hired days with the scaffolding company to complete before the scaffolding will be required to be taken down or will renegotiate an extension of days/weeks to complete their painting properly.

The best time to book in your scaffolding & painter is in the spring for the scaffolding and painting to start in the Summer/Autumn.

If you hire a company like us! You will be left with a perfectly unmarked and freshly painted property!

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